File Preparation

File Formats

Please send files in their native format. "Native format" would be Photoshop (.psd), Illustrator (.ai), or InDesign (.indd) file types.
Files that are not recommended are Adobe Pagemaker and Quark Xpress files and should be avoided. Please do not provide files from these two programs.

Raster Images (Photoshop Image Files) are acceptable

Vector Text Files are preferred, please include all font files unless you convert the file text saved to Outlines



For Optimal Resolution Image Output Quality, please provide files set up with a resolution of 150-200 dpi at the final output size in a native/original file format with all links, font files and colors specified in files ( if PMS Color Matches are being requested, the colors should be provided in the files already linked).

Please do not embed photos, keep them as linked. Files should be provided as layered, never flatten the files, so edits may be made as needed. 



For Large Format Printing: A PDF Proof should also be provided as a guide of how the final output is expected to appear, just in case during file transmission, whether via email or through the ftp site file upload process, something get corrupt or moves within the layout. The PDF proof is for reference only, we get better results if we do not print from PDF files.


File Transfers

Maximum File Size for Files being sent via Email is 5 MB, otherwise they should be sent on a CD/DVD or via file uploads to the ftp site. ALL files must be stuffed or zipped before uploading to our ftp site.

See our FTP instructions for direction on sending larger files.